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Create unlimited lists for your little sloths, sloth friends, or that special sloth in your life.

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Invite your friends and family to view your lists so they can browse what's on your sloth's gift list.

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Sloths love birthdays, holidays, and random surprises.  Create lists for all your favorites too.

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Receive helpful reminders to get your gifts well before your sloth's special day.

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Need help figuring out what to get your special sloth?  No worries!
Browse our many lists of gift ideas for all occasions.
Sloth List - Yep, It's Free!The holidays are crazy enough, and we just wanted to give our family an easy way to keep track of all the gift lists for our little sloths.  Now, you can join Sloth List for free and mark one more thing off your To Do list.








Surprise Gifts
Don't want to pick a gift from the provided list? No problem!  Simply add what you purchased for your sloth, and we'll make sure no one else buys on of those either.
Tool Gifts
Sure! Sloth List isn't restricted to just toy gifts.  Use Sloth List to build a gift list for your favorite DYI Sloth.
Business Gifts
Surprise those hard working sloths by setting up gift lists for your employees.
Forget Duplicates
Sloth List helps your snuggle of sloths avoid getting your little sloth duplicate gifts. 
No Credit Card Needed
Seriously, Sloth List is doesn't cost anything, and you don't purchase anything from us.
Fast & Easy
Make a list, add gift ideas to it, and share it with your friends and family..
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Check out what others sloths are wishing for and .gifting.  Never get stuck for an idea again.
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Sloth List is ready to be used on your computer, laptop and smart phone..
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Sloth List works best when others join, so let's make some noise.
Giveaways & SurprisesOur sloths like spreading surprises and cheer, so watch for surprises and giveaways.  You just might get your holiday shopping paid for!

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Our sloths are ready to help you make some of gift wishes come true!